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On 6 March 2017, Edanz Group held a peer review workshop for researchers in various disciplines at Kobe University, Japan, at the request of a regional researcher network known as K-Connex.

Edanz Group was recently in Okayama, Japan, giving a two-day workshop in efficiently and critically reading academic research papers. Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Kate Harris, who have both worked for indexed international journals, gave hints and tips to two audiences at Okayama University.

Ten early-career research staff at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, received individualized advice to improve their presenting skills at an Edanz workshop on 24 February 2017.

On 18 February 2017, Dr Trevor Lane and Dr Kate Harris were invited to Hiroshima University to hold a one-day manuscript writing retreat for medical and dental postgraduate students.

Mini-seminars were given on academic English, common language and grammar errors to avoid, how to edit to improve the readability of text, and how to make convincing claims in an academic argument.

On 22 February 2017, Edanz Group was invited to visit Chiba University, Japan, to give a writing workshop and writing consultations to early-career researchers in nursing.


Which of the following is/are correct in scientific writing?

  1. Most of the respondents were students. Which is understandable because the posters calling for volunteers were displayed mainly at our university.
  2. The interviewees, of which most were postgraduates, were first asked to complete a questionnaire.
  3. All questionnaires, through which we went twice, were complete and were included in this study.
  4. The questionnaire answers provided useful information on strategies of coping with different types of stress, which are summarized below. 

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