It is widely believed that our present form of energy consumption is unsustainable. Science will increasingly be looked to for solutions.

As pollution levels and global temperatures rise, the centuries of relying on fossil fuels appear to be winding down. This triggers alarm in society, but it also signals huge opportunities for researchers.


Studying medicine is exceptionally challenging. Studying medicine abroad can be even more challenging. Studying medicine abroad in English when it’s not your first language adds another barrier. Despite this, I have chosen this path.


Forensics is a glorified area of science. This in large part owes to TV and movies. For everyday folks, the word “forensics” conjures up images of murder scenes, flashing police lights, fingerprints, and telltale bloody weapons. The realities are a bit less glamorous, but this field has been highly rewarding for me because of the many challenges and discoveries it presents.

I got into forensics because I grew up watching detective movies and was fascinated by Sherlock Holmes’ intellect. I knew movies weren’t reality and so I pursued the science behind it. I studied biochemistry and explored different types of research within that vast field.


Science is in fact a social profession.

Our fellow scientists are our collaborators, our competitors, our supervisors and our reviewers, and the scientific conference is arguably the most important means we have to meet and interact with each other.


A clinical protocol is the framework of a trial, outlining how the trial will be conducted and providing all the necessary guidelines for the study team.


Publish or perish.

It’s a saying that pops up again and again in science. Your publication record is the measure that everyone – from colleagues to funding agencies – uses to judge your quality as a researcher. Aside from helping to get you your dream research grant or university position, making sure that you get the process of publishing your work off to a good start as early as possible will help you to: